Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Submersible Pump


  • Robert Adams Aramco Services Company, USA
  • Jinjiang Xiao Expl. and Petroleum Engineering Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC), Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
  • Michael Cross Aramco Services Company, USA
  • Max Deffenbaugh Aramco Services Company, USA




switched reluctance motor, electric submersible pump, motor control, cable simulation


Switched reluctance motors may be advantageous when used as the primary motor for an electric submersible pump system.  They are less susceptible to jamming failures due to their high starting torque and ability to reverse direction.  Driving these motors requires well-timed pulse waveforms and precise control of the motor based on its rotational position.  In general, voltage-based sensing and control systems at the surface see highly unpredictable waveforms with excessive ringing behaviour due to the impedance characteristics of the long cabling between the surface controller and the downhole motor system.  In this work, a system is detailed which monitors the current waveforms on the motor coil excitation conductors at the surface as a source of motor performance feedback and control.  State-space modelling of the system shows stable current waveforms at the surface controller for both short and long interconnect cable systems.  A laboratory demonstration of the surface controller, interconnect cabling, and motor system is shows excellent agreement with the current and voltage waveforms predicted by the state-space system model.


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Adams, R., Xiao, J., Cross, M., & Deffenbaugh, M. (2021). Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Submersible Pump. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Research, 1(2). https://doi.org/10.53375/ijecer.2021.36